marchio sr esserre
cancello con struttura a monoblocco in ferro

Iron gates whit SR monobloc structure

Some of the advantages you have by using an iron structure monoblock SR Esserre:

  • Fast and proven pears installation.
  • Every iron structure is compatible with any gate.
  • Ease of assembly and installation.
  • Structures already prepared for the motorization of the gate.
  • You can choose to have the engine pre-installed in the gate or install it at a later time.
posa in opera cancello monoblocco

In the case in which the columns of the gate should still be built, we do note that SR Esserre produces 3 types of monoblock structures (with columns to wall, with iron columns and with the tubular columns).

cancello con struttura in ferro

This structure allows to reduce costs because producing all in the factory, you avoid that the builder must create the curb and the soul of the columns in place, it also gains in quality because we test everything in the company.

Available measures:
- 3,00 mt
- 3,50mt
- 4,00mt

Our models of the gates with a block structure: