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We create iron windows security grilles, ideal to protect your home

Our products are an excellent solution against break-ins, without compromising the aesthetics of your home.

realizzazioni grate e inferriate

The experience SR Esserre acquired in the art of wrought iron working allows us to build gratings suitable for any kind of door and window, according to various styles, linear, modern, classic, convex or designed according to any project or customer request.

Security gratings can be built inside the aperture in the wall and mounted through the anchoring of the perimeter frame to the wall, or can have a convex form so to improve its aesthetics while making sure you can feel safe in your home.

All our gratings are available either with single leaf or double leaf doors and windows.
Furthermore, their robust and solid structure, as well as their 4 way locking mechanism guarantee both maximum safety and ease of use.

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Example of models of iron grills and iron grates:

grata inferriata esserre grata inferriata esserre grata inferriata esserre grata inferriata esserre

Certificazione per Porte e Cancelli industriali e da garage Regulation UNI EN 13241 – 1
Doors and gates
Our products comply with CE certifications under product regulation UNI EN 13241 – 1 : 2004